what do think is the most challenging thing in your life ?????

February 3, 2009 10:58am CST
Everyday we will face the different challenges ,but what's your most unforgetable and challenging one .I kown this topic perhaps a little bit hard to answer ,beacuse there are so many in our life .As for me , i have to say until now my most challenging thing is to be teacher in the earthquake-stricken area .Why i think it's challenging ,beacuse i never thought i would be a good teacher and whether i can do well in it .But this summer ,as a chiness sophmore ,i went to bazhong - one of the earthquake-stricken areas in china as a volunter .Faced the hot weather and hard situations ,and possible earthquake ,we never thought give up .I did very well there where i began to think i can face any challenges in my life ,the students really moved us ,i still remember the day we lefe ,the students waved theirs hands and said goodbye to us with tears.With this experience ,i begin to have every confidence in any challenage i will face in my life .
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@soulist (2987)
• United States
3 Feb 09
Right now the most challenging thing in my life is finding a good job. I was just laid off so now I have to find a job, but I plan on moving in a few months, so I think I am going to keep doing things online like mylot to help cut costs that I have at the moment, but living with parents til I move help. I am sure when I move I will find something.
• China
4 Feb 09
Life will be definately better soon , life goes on ,and as individuals we have to be more determined about our future,life is in our hands .You must have the confidence in your government,your people and yourself .Besides ,although we are in different countries and different situation ,we both should be more positive than ever and so we have to pull our shoulders back,look the world in our eyes and go for our own future !!!