this is for the men who think a woman place is doing house work only

United States
February 3, 2009 2:51pm CST
ok this is a changlle for those men, that you think house work is a job for women only. i got a changlle for you, are man enough do try this.? i am the kind of man that i will help out inside the house, if it's cooking, cleaning, wash, dish or running the vacum. and i will even clean the bathtroom, yesterday i did dishes and clean the kitchen for my wife since she was sick. my changlle for you guys if you are real men, and you think this is easy. i want to changlle you to clean the house, the whole house no cutting coners, that mean dusting top to bottom, clean the kitchen, bathroom and do the wash as well, that mean folding them as well. so are up for this changlle, and ladies ask your husband if they are up for this as well. let me tell you guys cleaning my living room top to botton made me break a sweat. no easy
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@suzzy3 (8357)
4 Feb 09
My husband will cook and clean for me if I am ill or even if I am not,he moans if I do to much,he says just because I don't work you are not my slave.just do what you feel like doing and I will finish when he gets home from work.He insists he is just happy I chose to marry him and thats enough for him.Of course that would be totally unfair on him after a days work,so I do most of everything that needs doing.It is just nice to know.