Weapons of GTA

February 5, 2009 3:57pm CST
Is it just me or does anybody else feel that the new weapons sets in GTA5 fell a bit short of the mark? No light machine guns, no new assault rifles or rifle/shotgun/underslung grenade launcher combos, no silenced weapons and no big 50 cal sniper rifles! Not to mention the omition of the GTA favourites, the mini-gun, the flame thrower and the heat seeking rocket launcher! All of these were used effectively in Saints Row 2 and by golly, weren't they fun! It just seems Rockstar concentrated a little too hard on the friend dynamic and left out the bits we all loved from previous games in the series. And while i'm at it, why weren't there more super-cars! (And a speedo wouldn't have gone a miss) Finally, who else has about 10 mil in the kitty with nothing to spend it on? Most notably new properties! What a bummer! Let's hope Rockstar come back with some really awesome DLC.
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@vicky30 (4777)
• India
6 Feb 09
I have not tried the new games i grand theft auto so i cannot comment on the weapons.I have played till grand theft auto vice city.All the weapons were good and easy to use.I am planning to buy the playstation three and play the latest games.Enjoy gaming and Happy mylotting.