What was the name of Charles Bronson's character...

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February 6, 2009 7:17am CST
I have been watching the Death Wish Series and thought I would see how much people can remember about them. What was Charles Bronson's character name in this series? What was it that got him started as a vigilante ( the crime )? What triggered him to start up again in parts 2, 3, and 4? Who played the role of his girlfriend in part 2? How many of his girlfriends survived the 4 part series and what were their names? In what cities did Charles Bronson practice his special brand of justice? Just curious how many of you will know the answers to these questions? These are some details that usually stick in peoples minds. Are they filed away in yours??? Let's see...Mamablaze!!
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@dlr297 (5418)
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7 Feb 09
Charles Bronson played Paul Kersey, He started being a vigilantly because his wife was killed. the first one took place in new york....i know this because it was on tv the other night. I think he started up again because his daughter got hurt, and i one of them it was a friend. I think he moved to Chicago for another one. I dont remember who his girlfriends were. How did i do?
@egdcltd (6977)
6 Feb 09
I suppose looking all the answers up on IMDb would be cheating? I think I only watched one of this series, and that quite some time ago.