Do you ever feel guilty about eating something ?

United States
February 6, 2009 3:01pm CST
I am sitting here mylotting and whatching Kimora Lee's Life in the Fab Lane . Kimora is trying to eat healthier to lose weight. She and her daughters went to a health food store and was drinking seaweed juice . The 5 year old loved it and while she wss drinking the seaweed juice I had just finished an eggroll left over from last nights Chinese take out . Now I feel guilty. because I myself could lose a few pounds . If a 5 year old can love eating healthy , Shouldn't I at least give it a shot . Cheryl
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@czafle (99)
1 Mar 09
yes. as a matter of fact ive been wanting to stop eating meat from animal :( everytime i eat them i just feel like puking :( it's just so hard esp in my way of life out here. but im still hoping that i would be able to do it one day. i just really need to make sacrifices.
@fren45 (898)
• Malaysia
19 Feb 09
Not that I've think long is healthy food.
@echomonster (2227)
• Greenwood, Mississippi
7 Feb 09
Nah, I don't want to spend my life feeling guilty over silly things. If you eat too much in a moment of weakness (or hunger ), you can exercise more or start a new diet. Beating yourself up over things like that won't make you address the issue -- it'll just make you feel discouraged. I did used to feel guilty when I ate meat for other reasons, but I went vegetarian years ago. Since guilt over food!
• United States
6 Feb 09
I feel guilty for a lot of the things I eat, and have really been trying to eat healthier. It's difficult, though, because I have a hard time with cravings. I'm not terribly over-weight, I'm just at that point where I can't breath when I sit too long in my jeans. Yeah, that's not the optimal situation to be in. LOL
• United States
6 Feb 09
I have no problem eating whatever I want. I dont care what I eat but as long as I get exercise then its all good. I gain I lose I eat I take a break lol. Weight isnt my obsession. Dont worry about what you eat, its what you do that counts. If it taste good then keep eating. If its just full of oil I mean soaked in oil I think you should just stop lol. Play basketball with your friends and that should help you lose some weight. I play basketball alot and it makes me sweat. I mean thats alot of calories gone lol.
@clorissa123 (4930)
• United States
6 Feb 09
No pain, no gain. So, if you want to eat healthy, you have to suffer from eating all the tasty food, oily stuff. Something that you might not like, or you won't like it at all. But at return, you have a healthy diet, and losing a few pounds on the way. So, it is your personal choice, and you preference.