The Weather is So Bad!

@mjmlagat (3171)
February 6, 2009 9:33pm CST
Hi Friends! The weather is so bad in my place right now that I just can't go out and resulted to mylotting! It's SAturday now here in my country that I could have done quite few things outside. How about you, what's the weather there right now? What do you usually do if the weather is bad? Please share your situations there. Thanks!
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@riyasam (16578)
• India
7 Feb 09
i am fond of reading,so ,when the weather is not good,i just stay indoors,curl up on the bed with a book and some snacks.right now,here it is winter season and i the atmosphere is quite cool and pleasant.
@mysdianait (64066)
• Italy
7 Feb 09
What is 'bad' weather for some is good for others I guess. It's raining here in Italy but the rice farmers are happy about it as there willnot be a water shortage here this year Looks like even though it's bad for you too, it has its positive side as you can be here I don't like the snow and we've certainly had our share here so far this winter but I don't consider it 'bad' either. It has meant I went out less and spent less money and stayed in more and earnt more here. Nothing bad about that!
@dragon54u (31425)
• United States
7 Feb 09
What is the weather like there? You must be having rain since you are in a tropical climate? I was stuck in my house for a week because of the snow recently. Today the weather was in the 40's and the weekend will bring temperatures in the 50's!! Hooray! But I think we'll have at least one more snowstorm before Spring and that alright because I'll be enjoying spring-like weather for the next 6 days. I hope your weather is pleasant soon!
@lilaclady (28245)
• Australia
7 Feb 09
When the weather is bad i just stay inside on the computer, it is very hot here at the moment, extremely hot so i just stay inside, I can't believe some people actually went out into 43degree heat (over 100) and exercised in it, some people had to be treated in hospital, why would they do this...logic tells me it is stupid, best to stay out of extreme weather ...