You have golden life....???

@Tushavi (2078)
Karachi, Pakistan
February 8, 2009 4:05pm CST
hi to all well, every person life is important & golden. but some peoples tells me like this "The Teenage is Golden Eat a lot. enjoying a lot" But I think teenage is Hell for me. Because No one accept me as a Older or no one accept me as a Child. Why People Say "Teen Age is Golden"??? do you know about it??? have a nice day
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@Porcospino (19720)
• Denmark
8 Feb 09
I don't think that my teenage years were a very good period in my life, and I wouldn't describe that period in my life as "the golden years", but I understand why some people see it that way. When you get older and when you are suddenly faced with problems that weren't a part of your teenage years, you often tend to focus on the good things about being teenager like not having any bills to pay etc. I think that it is true that in some ways being a teenager is easier than being an adult, but if I had the chance to choose I would definately not go back to being a teenager.
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@laglen (19780)
• United States
8 Feb 09
Every stage in life has its ups and downs. I have never heard teen aged is golden. Maybe childhood. I remember being a teen and I think that is the least favorite. Keep your chin up!
@katsalot1 (1619)
8 Feb 09
From an older person's point of view you have everything in front of you - every opportunity, which is true. They look back on what they had, and think that you have more. I think a lot of people don't understand what a teenager's life is like, there is so much more pressure on you than there was for us. But you'll get through it and then it will be your turn to see that young people do have a lot going for them.