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February 8, 2009 6:12pm CST
thanks for all the interesting responces to my post , let me once again say , in no way was it my intentions to insult anyone or of thier choice of religions . as a child growing up my mother sent us to sunday school in a little white baptist church , yet my mother who was lutheran went to the little black church in far rockaway ny . when i asked her why she gave me a simple answer , you dont have to go to church to pray , you can pray anywhere , she went to the black church for one reason , to prove a point , doesnt matter the color of you skin, your religion etc.. it was a house of prayer and yes she was accepted . let me rimind you , segragation was in full swing and white people did not normally go to black churches . my mother went into a synagog , why , to see the different side of religion . she vivited with priests, reverends , pastors , jehovia witnesss , and no matter what race , creed , color or religion you were welcome in my mothers home . when my mother passed away in 1964 , i was 10 yrs old , i wasnt allowed to go to the funeral as i was needless to say upset to a great degree as i was quite attached to her . my grandmother told me the funeral was filled to two rooms , a little tiny woman of 4ft10 made a hell of a mark in society, every church she ever visited , someone was there , jews catholics blacks whites you name it . my mother made it a point to sell her house to the first colored family as she would say , that came along in our pearly white neighbor hood and she did just that . so with this short story of my younger upbringing , i show you it was my mom that isnstilled my beliefs in life , religion etc,, i have no bias towards anyone whatsoever , i dont judge you , i leave all that to others , and if there is a heaven , i may actually geet there on those things alone . again thanks for the responces to my letter..gary
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9 Feb 09
Your mom sounds like a wonderful person! You were very blessed to have her, even for so short a time. If more people were like her, we wouldn't have so much strife and misery in the world.