Ebay First Time Seller?

@Infernal (135)
February 8, 2009 9:56pm CST
Hi everyone :) I'm in Canada and have used eBay to buy things before, but I'm a first-time seller. I created my template and selected all the options, and was pleased to learn that I did not incur any seller fees (the Insertion Fee was waived as a Promotion Bonus). However, it still took me to a page to verify my Identity (which I did by Phone), and then what method I'd like to pay my Seller Fees with. I selected Paypal, and was then taken to Paypal.com to...add in my Credit Card details?? Why do I need to do this? I have money in my PayPal account, and selected Paypal as the method I'd pay the Seller Fees with. In Ebay's "Creating a Seller Account" page (http://pages.ebay.ca/help/sell/seller_account.html), it does not say that I need to have a Credit Card to pay my Seller Fees with Paypal. Is there a reason why I need to do this? Is there some other way to sell on eBay without requiring your Bank/Credit Card details for absolutely no reason? I figured that verifying my identity by phone and having money in my Paypal account would be enough. I'd appreciate some insight into this. Thanks!
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• United States
9 Feb 09
As a former power seller on eBay, congratulations on your first foray into the eBay/paypal partnership. Unfortunately these are the rules set up to "protect the integrity of eBay". What this basically means is those are the rules. You want to sell here, you've got to accept paypal. Paypal needs to have all that information because it can. It wasn't that long ago they stopped sellers from accepting money orders and personal checks. I wish you well into your eBay selling. Watch out for the fees as they get you coming and going.
@Infernal (135)
• Canada
9 Feb 09
Thank you for your response :) I realize Paypal needs to be accepted, and this is actually my preferred method of receiving payments. I just did not really understand why my Credit Card needed to be on file for Seller Fees, if I selected to pay them through Paypal. I THINK it is because they can't guarantee I have funds in my Paypal account, so they need that backup. I just wanted to know for sure before providing my info :)
@benny128 (3621)
15 Feb 09
dont use ebay fair too expensive to list items if your in the us give me a pm and i'll give you a better us based site thats alot cheaper too to use, I'd leave you the link here but I believe you aint allowed too, am a newbie of 3 days lol, speak soon x