What is the strangest practical joke you've ever played on someone?

@Loverbear (4928)
United States
February 10, 2009 2:41am CST
Mine was when I was living in Montana. Someone had given me some pot, which I don't use, and a friend of mine asked me to make him some pot brownies. I of course said yes and made them. But my evil mind got to clicking along and I came up with an evil plot. I called another friend that the guy didn't know and the set up was in place. I managed a small laundromat and had arranged for the guy who wanted the brownies to meet me there. Let's call the guy Charlie. Charlie showed up on time and a few minutes later my other friend showed up. He introduced himself to Charlie as an FBI agent. (By then I was in the back room laughing MAO) He informed Charlie that he was to go down town with him, and started towards the back room where I was. Charlie followed and in the slickest movement I'd ever seen, dumped the brownies into one of the washers. My friend told me that I had to go with them, and we proceeded out of the laundromat. We were nearly to my friends car when we finally told Charlie that it was a gag...Fortunately he was a good sport and we all had a good laugh about it. And believe it or not, Charlie and I stayed good friends! Fess up, what was the strangest or worst practical joke you've every played on someone?
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