The New Kindle 2 Ebook Reader..

Omagh, Northern Ireland
February 10, 2009 4:40pm CST
As a MyLot contributor and book reader,You may be aware that Amazon has announced the release date for it's upgraded version of the Kindle E-book reader,the Kindle 2, later this month..Ok,it's now slimmer than the original,has better ergonomics, better battery life,and will now hold up to 1500 books...BUT..AFAIK,There were no complaints about the original unit's battery life,and though the original had a capacity of "just" 200 books,it did had a memory card slot for expansion,whereas the new one does not..and it's still set to sell at the same price as the old one,ticketed at $359! Would better features or a lower price convince you to buy one of these devices,or if you'd have an ebook reader device,would it be a Kindle or something else? Do you already have a Kindle? How do you feel about the upgrade? Amazon has been reticent about sales of the Kindle,and has yet to anounce official numbers of units out there..
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@villageanne (8554)
• United States
13 Feb 09
I would love to have one. I just now submitted a post on this as well. I have never seen one in real but have been hearing great things about them. However they are still very expensive.
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• Omagh, Northern Ireland
13 Feb 09
I too have yet to see a Kindle close up,but I have owned an Ebook reader in the past..I had one of the flawed EBookman readers,the PDA sized device that lost it's library and software whenever you needed to change the batteries!It had a built in speaker,so could also be used for voice memos,talking books,etc..