how often do you cook your child's favorite dish in a month?

February 11, 2009 8:25am CST
I usually cook my children's favorite food usually 2x or 3x a week, they appreciate my cooking everytime i cook their favorite food at least 3x a month, though I'm not that good in cooking, my hardship in cooking seems well pay off for them, because they appreciate my effort in cooking their favorite food, my children's favorite food is spaghetti, how about you? how often you cook their favorite dish? and what dish does you child or do your kids like most?
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12 Feb 09
I try to cook something for everyone in the family at least once a week. Whether it is pancakes at breakfast or Pasta for dinner every Monday night, everyone gets a say! I also include my own favorites. But I'm not a short order cook, you may not like sloppy joes today but I'm making tacos on Friday, and if you don't eat tonight you won't starve breakfast is in a few hours. As the kids are getting older I have assigned my oldest to Thursdays as her cooking day. Interestingly enough she has stopped complaining when she doesn't like what's for dinner. Now that she's aware of what goes into the planning of dinner, she always says thanks and never complains.
@snowy22315 (50983)
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11 Feb 09
I'm sure your kids appreciate that. I think anyone appreciates it when other people think of them. I like all sorts of things that other people cook for me. The best thing is to have others make food for you and also buy food for you. I just wish that other people would think of me more often. I guess there are some things that people do for others that other people really appreciate.