How many time you change your perfume until you find the most suitable for you?

@rirbry (353)
February 11, 2009 6:21pm CST
im now using CK In 2 U perfume and i does suit me =)
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• United States
28 Feb 09
I dont exactly "change".. i just look for MORE.:]. I have a few and whatever im in the mood to be wearing, i wear that day. Right now I have Romance- Ralph Lauren, Nights- Refuge, Miss Dior, & Versace:]
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@bubblyapple (2655)
• Philippines
12 Feb 09
I don't have to change many times because I don't wear perfume. I have allergies to strong scents so as much as possible I avoid perfumes. :)
@silverglint (2001)
• Philippines
6 Mar 09
I don't really plan on sticking with one kind of perfume, when I have used up my cologne or perfume, I just look around for another scent that I like and that's what I use. I don't know if that is good or bad, but am not really particular with what perfume I wear, as long as I don't smell bad, am ok with it hehe