Has anyone ever heard of Husk drawing salve?

United States
@sbeauty (5887)
February 12, 2009 6:28am CST
It's an old remedy, but it works so much better than newer ointments do. We bought our jar about 30 years ago and it has lasted through raising our kids and is now being used on our grandkids. The jar is finally running out, but apparently it isn't available any longer. That makes us very unhappy. There is nothing you can't cure with this stuff. For years and years I worked in a factory personnel office where I did all of the day shift 1st aid, and it was a miracle cure even for infections that doctors were unable to cure. Just last week my husband developed a serious infection in a cut on his hand. About 2 days of treatment with the trusty old brown salve, and he was well on his way to recovery. Does anyone know if it is still available somewhere? If so, where can be get hold of more?