Has anyone ever heard of Husk drawing salve?

@sbeauty (5871)
United States
February 12, 2009 6:28am CST
It's an old remedy, but it works so much better than newer ointments do. We bought our jar about 30 years ago and it has lasted through raising our kids and is now being used on our grandkids. The jar is finally running out, but apparently it isn't available any longer. That makes us very unhappy. There is nothing you can't cure with this stuff. For years and years I worked in a factory personnel office where I did all of the day shift 1st aid, and it was a miracle cure even for infections that doctors were unable to cure. Just last week my husband developed a serious infection in a cut on his hand. About 2 days of treatment with the trusty old brown salve, and he was well on his way to recovery. Does anyone know if it is still available somewhere? If so, where can be get hold of more?
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4 Jul 09
We used to use it in my home growing up. I would really like to find some. It was great for slivers and other things but especially burns. I talked to a pharmisist and he said he could recreate it if he had some but I have none left. Maybe you can do that. If so can you please send some to me so I can? I would gladly pay my email is gwensends@charter.net subject would be Husk Thanks if you can help Gwen
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6 Apr 10
Our 30 year old can of HUSK is almost empty. The ingredients listed on the can are: Calomel (1.1%), salicylic acid 1/4%; carbolic acid (1/2%); benzocaine; resorcinol;bismuth subnitrate; zinc oxide; balsam pera;oil of cade; phenyl mercury benzoate 1:10,000; vehicle G.S. It was marketed by Bullock-Walker, a subsidiary of Blistex in Chicago. Label says same ingredients since 1915. Because both calomel and the phenyl mercuric benzoate are mercury products, my guess is that Husk was removed from the market as people became more worried about mercury poisoning. It definitely worked though.
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4 Jul 09
We used to have it. It came from my dads manufacturing plant and they used it for everything like metal slivers and it was the best for burns. I talked to a pharmisit once and he said if you can bring some in he can make up something similar. I would LOVE to have some so I could do that but do not., If you find the formula or can send me a little so this guy can help please let me know, email Gwensends@charter.net with the subject line Husk Thanks Gwen
@DavidReedy (2411)
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20 Feb 09
I have never heard of this stuff, but, there's a lot of stuff that (alledgedly ) works that msm and big pharma don't want you to know about hemp oil and colloidal silver are touted by some as miracle healers... Again, I don't know the veracity of that, but I do know the Codex Alimentarius robs us of a lot of natural and proven medicinal remedies...