Friend . . . Enemy

February 12, 2009 9:13pm CST
Everybody needs a friend, we all could agree with that, but don't you think we also need an enemy? Well, I have attended a "How to be successful" seminar and the speaker surprisingly mentioned that we need enemy as much as we need a friend. Do you agree?
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@gzlgzl123 (224)
• China
13 Feb 09
I totally agree with you.Maybe in many times we actually need an enemy who is excellent than you in certain areas.Your enemy will stimulate you in different ways and you'll look forward to win and have to prove that you also can do it.So it's important for us to own an enemy.
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• Philippines
16 Feb 09
that's true at least enemies would tell us our flaws while our friends boosts our morale.
@Lynnexu (29)
• United States
20 Feb 09
i can never say yes to this .why not make friends with so-called enemy ? it will be a better way to success .
• Philippines
21 Feb 09
that's the ideal, but in case it's impossible, as you cannot please everyone, just try get positive result from a negative circumstances.
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
18 Jul 10
Friend enemy both are important for life. They helps to know the life better.
• China
21 Feb 09
I'm not sure .Friends are important to me .But i really don't know whether i need an enemy in my life to stimulous me working harder ?