Do Americans Expect Enough Out of Their Politicians???

@LadyMarissa (12161)
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February 13, 2009 2:06pm CST
I was watching Meet the Press this past Sunday & one guest made the comment that Americans don't hold their politicians accountable for their actions. I'm not sure with the way our system is set up that we can hold them accountable as they do everything internally & the popular ones are NEVER found guilty of anything!!! My thought is every time a politician does something out of the accepted norm that we have a vote whether he/she gets to keep their job. I also think we should get to vote on their pay raises...possibly individually. They ONLY get a raise if the voters feel that they did their job. They kept it very quiet, but the Congress & Senate gave themselves another pay raise effective this past Monday!!! Do you have any ideas on how we can hold our elected representatives accountable for their actions???? I think the pay raise should be rescinded effective immediately!!! What do you think???
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16 Feb 09
Unfortunately, I fear that many Americans have bought into the myth that the individual no longer matters and the collective is the end all, be all of everything. Especially politics. How many people abdicate their right to vote because "It just won't count?" Or how many don't recycle, donate to charity, etc., for the very same reason. We forget that our elected officials are representations of ourselves and by allowing them to slide, because "that's just the way it works," is a reflection of how we feel about society. We do have voices. We have phones, and e-mail, and our vote. If we don't like what's going on in Washington or wherever, we should say so. Say so directly to our officials and say so to our friends and neighbors. We're the ones with the power. It's our money they use to fund their projects. People seem to forget that the tax rolls are funded by our work. They're not some divine right of the government. It's money we give to the government for the betterment of society. If we feel that they're not bettering society (in our neck of the woods or elsewhere), then we have the right to demand that they be called to task for it. I am not advocating that people stop paying taxes or do anything violent, but the Constitution does start with three simple words, "We the People." That means something. If we want our political officials to be accountable for their actions, then WE have to say so.
@sirnose (2440)
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13 Feb 09
No,they don't expect alot from them if we did there wouldn't be this so-call recession we are going through...all my life i have heard that those that make our laws are ruled by another set of laws.Until we start holding our elected officals accountable for what they do the people will continue to fall victims to greed and corruption...