RAW FOODS and what the heard believes

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February 14, 2009 9:43pm CST
Are you aware of all the myths surrounding a dogs nutritional needs? There are so many falsehoods and blatent lies coming from the petfood companies. These lies are designed specifically to scare you into believing your pet needs their product. Dogs used to live into their twenties up until right after wwII when all of a sudden we had all this excess corn. Dogs aren't supposed to eat corn, it's not a part of their natural diet. Why are so many foods based on corn? Why is the main source of education for vets in college writeen by these same companies that have been lying for so many years? I feed my dog the best possible ingredients I can get my hands on. He is twelve and extremely healthy. Living with hip dysplacea, but he moves around wonderfully and is always excited to go on walks. Often, he won't let me return home until he is good and ready. Please read up on alternatives to regular cheapo dogfood. Especially, if your dog has allergies. It is most likely something in their food and I would recomend you try to figure out what they are allergic to by making the food yourself. Raw bones and meat are excellent for a dog. Veggies can be ground up or processed to mimic a stomache. Liver and muscle meats are packed with vitamins for your friend. Yogurt, apple cider vinegar. There is a host of ingredients that will boost your friends health naturally. Those who go against the herd tend to be the more intelligent, free thinkers. It's not easy, but, my advice is to go against the herd.
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@lisa0502 (1726)
• Canada
15 Feb 09
I have heard many things about different dog foods. My aunt is a dog breeder and she has told me alot. Ther are many of the popular brands of dog foods that are just not as good for your dogs. There are also some that are cheaper that are okay for dogs. My aunt when she shows her dogs puts them on a raw food diet. That consists of raw meats and vegetables. Her dogs are really healthy and look really good.
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