@Raven1 (577)
February 15, 2009 12:28am CST
One of my freelance writing clients asked me to research and write a really positive review about a scam site. He wanted to try and get a heap of desperate people to buy a scam product so he could make some quick money for himself. He just wanted to take your money from you. I refused the assignment. So I'm writing this comment to try and warn people. The offer available on is version of a forex trading scheme - only instead of teaching people to trade properly and professionally using primary currencies, he suggests you buy a highly volatile emerging currency like the Iraqi Dinar. He does not teach anything about forex trading at all. Just tells you to buy this particular currency. No, I didn't waste $29.99 buying the ebook. It took me two minutes of searching comments on Google to learn this information. The sales spiel on the site says that you can become a millionaire in 15 minutes. He also goes on to claim it's nothing to do with forex trading. Yet you'll soon learn that he's suggeting you buy an unstable foreign currency that has been known to very easily forged. The last time I looked, buying a foreign currency in exchange for your own local currency IS a forex trade... If you know NOTHING about forex trading, currency, trading, foreign exchange spreads, foret back-testing and analysis or pricing pips - then don't buy Clicknmakemoney is an ebook - which means you pay money to download and read information that I've just given you for free. To sum up (and to optimize this thread to reach Google search results for other people looking for information on the clicknmakemoney scam) I'll say it again. is a scam ebook offering no more than basic advice telling your to buy Iraqi Dinars, a currency that has been devalued in the hopes that it will suddenly rise in value again. is NOT recommended as a way to get rich.
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@kttribal (253)
• United States
17 Feb 09
Well its been a long time since I've spoken to you, and to be honest I'm supprised your still on here. This is a good community. I just kind of forgot about it for a while. Thank you for this info. I don't think I'm going to be doing any forex trading any time in the forseen future, but it is always good to know that there are still people out there trying to get rich the scamming way.
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@Raven1 (577)
• Australia
20 Feb 09
I think the really sad part is that forex trading is completely legal and it's the largest market in the world - but people are scamming others into jumping into forex without any education in trading. Forex shouldn't be difficult or scary (or scammy). It simply means foreign currency exchange. If you went traveling abroad, you'd have to exchange your currency for that other country's money - that's a forex trade. That's it! So these scam sites need to be shut down and people need to be warned.