it really made my day...

February 15, 2009 2:10am CST
this afternoon my partner asked me if i could go to town and get him some fuel in a drum for his tractor as he was very busy. i went to town and as i got to the fuel station i went to take the top out of the drum but it was very tight but i stood there trying very hard and just as i was, this man (approx 40 yrs old) asked me if i was alright and needed help, as he asked it came free and i got it out. so i said thank you very much and smiled at him and he said that ok. it really made my day that a guy walking past with his wife (i think they were travelling through the town and were going to have dinner somewhere) so both of them were in nice clothes and he was willing to help me get a top of a greasy drum. i know that i do look pregnant and i probably did look a bit awkward trying to do it... but it put a smile on my dile and i had to tell my husband as soon as i got home as not many people are these days are like that.
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@MsTickle (24983)
• Australia
15 Feb 09
That was nice of him...sorry Melly, I still can't get used to you saying "my husband".
• Australia
15 Feb 09
lol dont worry im still getting use to it.
@1hopefulman (31621)
• Canada
11 Jun 09
There's still some decent people around!
@aseretdd (13736)
• Philippines
15 Feb 09
I agree with you... not many people are as nice these days... but i can't blame them since... a lot of people now earn a living by conning others... it it is a good experience to be offered help by strangers from time to time... especially if we really need it...