I feel your love... a day late but it is here on mylot.... LMAO

@wheel416 (1019)
February 15, 2009 11:11am CST
Obviously this discussion is in a much lighter spirit then some ofmy other postings. But, I found this incredibly amusing and I just had to share with you all. I guess I'm not all but conceded because I rarely check my own profile page and apparently (since I just checked it to day) it has been two months since I've even looked at it or made any changes to it. The amusing thing is, everyone was talking about feeling sad, lonely or depressed because yesterday was Valentine's Day. I had said that I was not particularly lonely even though I was alone yesterday. So fast forward… I look at my profile today for what ever reason, and I notice several comments from all of you, my dear friends on Mylot! So, a day late, but I feel your love for me! I found comments wishing me a Merry Christmas that I did know were there. I found thinking of you comments and yes Valentine well wishes. When was the last time the you checked out your own profile page? Perhaps you should try it, like me you may find some interesting things there! Have a laugh with me and share your experiences about your own profile pages. And as always thanks for your responses.
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@krajibg (11936)
• Guwahati, India
15 Feb 09
Its indeed a nice topic on checking or not checking your profile regularly. Not only you even I too was like that but not not here, it is a different site but here I do not l know why not only once but at least twice I check my profile and so that it is not stale some time do this and that so that people feel I am alive and kicking.