Which do you prefer, Mac or PC?

@Alex18 (170)
United States
February 15, 2009 6:52pm CST
If you had to buy a new computer, which would you go with? Do you like Mac's or PC? I like Mac's. I had always used a pc before, but after I got a Macbook Pro for school I have completely changed my mind. I dont want to ever use another PC, lol. Mac's in my mind dont even compare to PC anymore, Mac far surpasses them. But what do you think?
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• India
4 Mar 09
depends what your using it for macs are good for art ect but windows are better at internet,doing work with office etc and better with compatibility and better with music... my dad has a mac and the grapics is great but i prefer my computer
• China
16 Feb 09
i haven't use mac,i'd like to buy pc if i am really need new computer.......i have used to operate pc,i think it is better for me.......anyway,maybe others like to use mac......anybody have their choice.....happy mylotting..
@greenline (14865)
• Canada
16 Feb 09
Hi Alex. Many of my friends have been using Mac, and they seem to be quite happy. But, as far as I am concerned, I have not used Mac at all. I have been using PC all these years, from the time I started learning how to use computers.
@xnekox (97)
• Australia
16 Feb 09
Well, i'm more of a PC person, its more convenient to use and i'm much more used to PC's functions. But then Mac is pretty good for designs and graphics ... If i were to get a new computer, i would still want a PC though, its more practical XD
• United States
16 Feb 09
PC all the way!
@dsuh2010 (23)
• United States
16 Feb 09
From my experience, I have felt PCs are better for conventional use (ie. Word Processor, internet), but for people want to do graphics and such, Mac should be better.
@dewatech (14)
• Indonesia
16 Feb 09
I havent use Mac's yet. So if I buy a new computer I prefer Mac's. I want to try it, but the Mac's is so expensive.. :)