Do women never forget their first (true) love?

@rosdimy (3937)
February 15, 2009 9:23pm CST
It was said that women never forget their first love. Well, maybe most women, since I have met cases where this is true. The closest case to me is my own spouse. She has not forgotten the first man to kiss her and almost did everything with her. When I knew her she already knew how to do things whereas I was the one who was inexperienced. It would have been easy to put her past aside but for the fact that she made comparisons between that irresponsible guy and I. Not only that she refused to do the same things she had done with and for him. She always said he was better than I am in all respects. Do you think there is some validity in the statement? Have you seen or heard about it? Or do you think the person saying it is dumb? Thank you. rosdimy