Things MyLot REALLY needs

February 16, 2009 4:31pm CST
Don't get me wrong: I enjoy coming to MyLot and discussing all sorts of different things. Some of the conversations are wild, some are hilarious, some are incredibly useful. At the same time, there are a few things that consistently drive me up the wall, so I thought I'd put together a little list and see if they made anyone else fume. 1. The 'interests' list is a horrible, horrible mess. They seriously need to add a fuzzy logic search to that. Take the example of some of the biggest categories: those for making money. Without even looking, I'll bet there's "make extra money", "make money", "earn extra money", "earn money online", "earn cash", "make extra cash", etc. It really needs tidying up. 2. The personal list of interests is also virtually unusable. Showing eight or ten at a time (per section), with pages and pages of little icons, is stupid. They should put in a text option or at least have a LOT more showing at once. Churning through hundreds of pages to find something is yawn-inducing. 3. Finding discussions in our favourite categories is incredibly difficult. What if I log on and want to see the last posts in a particular category? Yes, I can search, but I'd much rather have a user-defined drop-down 'favourites' list to put my top ten interests into (for example). Otherwise, I have to not only search, but also remember what the darned interest is specifically called (see point 1). 4. With a better interests list (i.e. one that isn't full of twenty-seven different titles for exactly the same thing) it would be possible to have a small FAQ or 'stickies' section. That would very neatly avoid getting two hundred "How can I earn online?" posts every week, for example. 5. The blogs section takes for ever to get authorised. They really need to look at that: there's a LOT of bloggers on here and I, for one, know that my listings have been sitting there waiting for over a month. 6. Take the discussions with no responses out of 'unresolved' as well - no point in them being in there, since they can't be resolved without any content! There's a few ideas off the top of my head. Anyone have any other bete noir they'd like to mention?
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17 Feb 09
I totally agree with you in respect to there being too many names for a single category, especially the 'make money' category. There are probably many good discussions that I've missed in this category simply because it has so many names. Hopefully mylot is in the process of tidying that section up right now as we speak.
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16 Feb 09
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