Is US army is the best Army in the world

February 17, 2009 12:01am CST
I think at present united states army is the best and most sophisticated one.They are deploying new and new devices and technology in the war field.They got a chance to test all their new weapons in Iraq war.
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@soumodeep (945)
• India
17 Feb 09
Techonology vise US army is the best in the world but if you take into account the power and skills of the troops then India has the best army in world!
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@bombshell (11266)
• Germany
29 Mar 09
realy? not sure of this one
@shay3434 (882)
• Israel
27 Mar 09
Hello! I also think at present the United States army is the strongest army in the world. The USA army uses the best and most advanced technology which any other army have. They also can reach to any place in the world using their sophisticated planes and vessels so no one wants to get into a war with the United States. I also think that The alliance between USA and Israel nake the two countries strong so both Israel and USA are the strongest in the middle east which is an important strategic area.
• India
21 Feb 09
Yes undoubtedly. The US defence budegt is highest among all countries in the World. They have the most advanced and lethal weapons, have secondary agencies like NASA to assist, alongwith modern warfare techniques. They have proved themselves superior in numerous occassions
@faith210 (11233)
• Philippines
17 Feb 09
Hi sreejithsreenivas! I am really not an expert on matters like this but probably they may be the best in terms of devices and technology. They all have those modern and latest equipments and advanced weapons. However, that can be said too with some of the superpowers who might have secretly hiding their own latest equipments. Take care and have a great day!
• Janesville, Wisconsin
17 Feb 09
Oh, I don't know. I think Mother Nature has the best army in the world.. With the Thunderstorms, Earthquakes,volcanos, Hurricanes and Natural Disasters.. Otherwise yes I have to agree because 270 of my Friends are all in the US armed forces.. So I can't betray them and have to vote for USA! USA! USA! :) - DNatureofDTrain.