It pays to be honest!

February 17, 2009 12:25am CST
Today, there are many dishonest people in our society. Some lie. Some cheat. Some produce things of bad quality. Some are not even honest to themselves! Dishonest people may think they are wise. They make money by cheating or telling lies. In the long run, however, they will fail. Do you want to do business with them? I don't think you do. Neither do i. So, sooner or later, dishonest people will lose their business. They will lose their friends, too. On the contrary, it pays to be honest. HONEST PEOPLE never try to cheat, so they study hard. They gain customers' trust and respect. More and more customers come to them. Their business will become better and better. If you are honest to people, people will be honest to you in return. You gain more friendships. Besides, it is easier for honest people to find a job, because employers like them. In a word, honesty wins trust, faith, respect and honor. IT PAYS TO BE HONEST!
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• United States
17 Feb 09
It's always better to be honest. Everyone is honest on the inside. When you are not honest on the outside it creates a serious imbalance. I too am extremely honest, yet come under fire when I can't remember a detail of a story etc. Usually at that point, I'll get completely interupted by the other person and "written off". I have had an unusually dramatic life. I'm full of twisted tales. I may not remember every detail, but, the heart of the memory is what I am trying to share. I recently tried to help a puppy that was being kept in a cage for far too long. I confronted the young man about this, many times in fact. He is at that age where he thinks he knows better than everyone. (21) He deflected every reason I threw at him as to why he shouldn't have a puppy. It spiraled out of my control. He began seriously attacking my character to the point of holding a meeting with my landlord and trying to get me thrown out. (We were roomates). His aatacks had no foundation. He was very serious in his attacks, but they held no merit what-so-ever. My landlord was a smart woman, she knew this was not me. I didn't have to move out, but, guess what, I did. Just an example of a BS-er trying to attack the credibility of an honest man.
• Janesville, Wisconsin
17 Feb 09
I totally, Agree. I find honest people are more fun to hang around, do better business, and I do not have to always be on alert for lies, fibs, items missing, or money missing.. And I can relax... I however, find myself accused of being dishonest.. because the are times I can not full recall a memory, or I mistype something... when I mean not, or no, or now it comes out totally the wrong way.. but in the end .. I find my life being so out of the ordinary and interesting.. Sometimes even I laugh as people accuse me of lying and making up stories.. as I think well.. if it did not happen to me.. I may not believe it either. - DNatureofDTrain