Not the same as taking a bath

February 17, 2009 9:13pm CST
Since the winter of this year my friend's house the water heater breaks down,she on the washing machine to her youngest daughter a bath,the water temperature adjusted,and her little daughter on the inside is not cold,of course,disconnected the electricity,and what you do not bathing experience like it?
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@deebomb (15323)
• United States
18 Feb 09
When I was growing up I lived with my grandparents. they didn't have any indoor plumbing except running water. They didn't have a hot water heater. We carried in wood for a heating stove and sometimes had coal. We had a big round tub that was set beside the stove and the water was heated on the cooking stove in a bucket and a large tea kettle. When the water got hot we would pour it into the tub, then add cols water until the tempeture was just right. When we were finished we had to carry the tub out side to empty it. Now we stand under a shower and turn on the knobs and get the water at the tempeture we desire in seconds.
@skysuccess (8882)
• Singapore
12 Mar 09
queenie1234, Sorry, but I really had a little difficulty trying to understand what you were trying to say here. But I assume you are asking what would we do if whilst bathing in winter the electricity got cut off. Is this right? Well, if you are using the storage kind of water heater (recommended) then there will be enough for a fast rinse and towel down. If not, then always be prepared by storing a pail of hot water as a stand by. If all goes well, then the water can be used to flush the toilet or used to bathe yourself or for laundrying. I hope that is what you are trying to get at. Have a nice day.