Have you seen a pregnant man?

February 17, 2009 9:39pm CST
A pregnant man was featured on Oprah's show and it was very surprising how it happened. Are you skeptical on this one? Is it really possible that guys can be pregnant scientifically speaking?
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@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
18 Feb 09
No in actual fact she is not really a man at all, he was born a woman and is taking hormones to give her male features, I don't think they should be allowed to say she is a man giving birth, she was born a female and still has the female bits...I think its stupid to say she is a male giving birth...anything to make news I think..
• Philippines
18 Feb 09
Hmmm. thanks for the clarification.. Well, I just heard that it was featured on Oprah. Now I know for sure that a man can never be pregnant.
• United States
4 Mar 09
lol yea in my dream the other day my cousin who is a guy was pregnant lol thats funny but no not in real life.
@deebomb (15322)
• United States
18 Feb 09
Hello sushi and welcome to myLot. I remember that story very well. That man started life as a female. She decided she wanted to be a man. She later had a $ex change but kept her female organs so she could have a baby. Last I heard she/ he is going to have another one too. It is strange what some people will do these days. With surgery you can be or doing just about any thing.
• Canada
18 Feb 09
I believe i have seen this oprah...and the man who is preganant use to be a women. She competed in beauty pagents and everyhting. But then one day decided to live as a man...i am not sure if he/she had actually gone through with the surgery to replace girl parts with boy parts or not. But from my understanding it is not as astonishing as people believe.