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@lynnemg (4539)
United States
February 18, 2009 10:11pm CST
Today, as I was doing the laundry, I was thinking a bit about the way our economy is right now. I began to wonder something and I would realy like to know every one else's opinion. I was actually wondering if maybe the financial state of the world is not as bad as what the government is making it out to be. Is the government maybe causing some of the things that are going on, like lay-offs and business closings? Is this all maybe just a way for the government to gain more control and redefine the country? Think about it, if the government tells us that finances are bad, and times are reall hard, we will believe them. AAs a result, we stop buying things, jobs are lost, and it snowballs from there. What if things really aren't that bad and it is all a big elaborate plan for the government to gain ore control over the people of the country. They are "loaning" money to banks and auto companies, which now puts these places in debt to the governmenr, and when you owe someone money, they own you. True? These are just a few thoughts that rn through my head today. Please, hare your views on this subject with me. Keepin mind, I am not suggesting that my thoughts are fact. they are only the thoughts of a woman doing daily chores.
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@laglen (19782)
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21 Feb 09
I think you have something there. I think it started as a natural conclusion of the living high on the hog for a while. When you live on credit and keep adding to your debt but not your income, it eventually comes to a head. But I think the doom and gloom talk has a lot to do with it now. This is why the stock market is such a mess.
@stacyv81 (5904)
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19 Feb 09
I think that it is pretty bad. But you know whos fault it is, or mostly anyways, Is big business, big corporations. They want to save themselves money, so they give all of the call center jobs to people who live in and work in other countries. When we could be helping our economy, by giving those jobs to Americans. Many Americans in the past couple years have had their job taken away so they can hire the overseas employees. That isnt fair to us, and it hold economy down as well.
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23 Feb 09
i think the economy is in a darn mess & i don't have to have the goverment tell me that. bush put us there hope obama can change it all around but it's going to take a long time.