i want to be beuty...

February 19, 2009 3:18am CST
i wanto look perfect..but i cant do..can your help me...i mean how to look beauty from all side of my body..
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@fifileigh (3619)
• United States
21 Feb 09
-dark clothes make u slimmer -light clothes bring out ur features u want to accentuate -shading in makeup helps u slim down a face or make a nose look smaller -dark lipstick with lipliner can help u create the illusion of bigger and pouty lips when u have thin slips -wearing monochrome clothing from head to toe gives the illusion of height -high heels can add to the illusion of height -brush ur hair upside down after taking out curlers can make hair look fuller -wearing bronzer on face can give a person a safe tan and cover scars and imperfections that u r trying to hide. -outlining eyes in certain ways and wearing certain eyeshadow can may eyes look either bigger or smaller. -if u r a woman, the wonder bra makes ur boobs look good.
@paula27661 (15899)
• Australia
20 Feb 09
When I was in High School I borrowed from the library every single book there was about beauty and how to look good etc... Because I did not have a great self esteem and I was convinced that I was ugly. Years later when I was grown up I found some photos of me at around age 15 and you know what? There was nothing wrong with the way I looked; it was how I felt at the time that had me believing that I was less than ok. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look pretty but why don't you try focusing on the inside, sounds cliché but after all that's where real beauty is.
• United States
19 Feb 09
There is no such perfect person. Your beauty is skin deep and your beautiful. You should only want to look like yourself. If your working out trust in time it will work. Don't put yourself down.
@okoyskabo (186)
• Philippines
19 Feb 09
first, you have to determine what is in your body or your face you want to enhance. if it is in your body, you can do workouts to have those perfect curves. if it is your face, you can have a make over if you want. visit your favorite beauty parlor and get your hair and face done. you can try out make up on your own. like me, i often go to youtube and look for video tutorials on how to do make up by myself. and also, wear clothes that would look nice on you, clothes that you are comfortable wearing. but inner beauty is found within. i hope you believe in that. when you have that aura, that grace, and the confidence in you, your outer beauty shines through. good luck.
19 Feb 09
There is no such thing as perfect. It doesn't exist, so there's no point trying to be it. The media will tell you to look a certain way, but that's all complete nonsense: it won't make you a better person and it won't bring any happiness. I know FAR too many lovely women who are incredibly unhappy because they're constantly trying to fit some imagined image of perfection, when they should just be happy with who they are. Think of it this way: you're already perfect, because you are exactly the person nature intended you to be. If you want to change little things like losing/gaining a bit of weight or adding a little colour to your hair or something, why not? But changing everything would change who you are, and you wouldn't be perfect any more: you'd just be a Barbie-doll marketing image. Not a real person.
@Savvynlady (3686)
• United States
19 Feb 09
Well, first of all, to be beautiful, first of all, it's a state of mind to achieve. Then you work on the body. To do it on the inside, it will take affirmations and self reflection check out this site www.helpself.com When you go outward, see what needs work and do it. exercise, watch what you eat, clothing, that's what you do. It takes time and effort so think about that before doing it all at once. It don't work like that.
19 Feb 09
i what to look perfect also but its the look you see in the mags and on t.v they have had work done or have been air bursh or something. am happy that my husband thinks i look good. also remenber perfect woman think they are maybe better than everyone, you dont what to have that perfect body but be lonely do you