February 19, 2009 7:26pm CST
How do you feel when you are speaking something important and people are not interested to listen?I think many people can relate this fact with their life.It surely is frustrating but have we ever imagined how do people feel when we are not interested to listen to what they have to say.Please give your views?
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@krajibg (11936)
• Guwahati, India
24 Apr 09
There is nothing to be taken aback if such things are to happen. Listening and speaking to some extent is a reciprocal thing. if you listen well to me I too will listen to you. But really a good listener does not expect this thing in return.
• Netherlands
2 Mar 09
I don't like it when I'm trying to explain something and they just don't listen if that is what you mean. But if something sounds really boring I think I wouldn't listen too.
@jbosari (155)
• United States
20 Feb 09
I found that when people aren't listening, it's because I am trying too hard to get them to listen. The best way to get people to listen to you is to only speak when you have something truly important to say. Then people listen to your every word. If you talk incessantly about only things that you are interested, people will tune you out. If you are a better listener and ask questions instead of giving information, people will listen to you more and like you better. I have also noticed that my insecurities about feeling important used to make people not listen. I can't understand how or why this is, but when I gained self confidence, people started to listen more. Maybe people are listening, but our insecurities make us think they are not?
@NaomiErin (389)
• Philippines
20 Feb 09
Sometimes I would just shut up and not continue what I'm talking about. I feel that if he/she wasn't listening to me then maybe he/she has other concerns that's more important and relevant for him/her. It is indeed annoying because you really want to share something and people around you seem to not bother about you at all. That's why people create their own blogs so that they can write their thoughts there. A lot of people can read it and can actually react on it. Sometimes its better to get opinions of other people not directly involve to you because they can give unbias advises.
@rosdimy (3936)
• Malaysia
20 Feb 09
Usually I am not bothered with this attitude. There is no point getting hot under the collar over this issue. After all it may be my fault for being a big bore. When we talk we should also listen to the unspoken words. Being upset because people are not listening means we feel we are always right, faultless, and are actually poor listeners. If we are poor listenrs we should not expect other people to listen attentively to what we have to say. Even if what I have to say is important I would regard myself of having discharged my duty. I do not lose anything. What should be looked at should be our communication skills. One of the reasons why other people do not listen to us is our poor communication skills. People with good communication skills can sell sand to the bedouins. all the best, rosdimy
• United States
20 Feb 09
....sorry, what? ;) Lol, just kidding