Solar and Wind Energy?

February 19, 2009 10:21pm CST
Recently I came across this blog and I read a post about Solar and wind energy. ( this is the post ) and I think it is interesting stuff and worth reading. So, I want your input or an opinions about it. Is our future will depends on this kind of energy and will you support it? I need an honest opinions please.
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@rsa101 (16841)
• Quezon City, Philippines
22 Jun 09
Yeah I do hope that sometime in the future the cost of acquiring one would be affordable to everyone. I think right now the cost of getting one installed in your home would be a little bit high and that prevents many from getting that techonology for their own use. But I do believe that solar technology would be very promising as well as wind technology. I think that if we could just harnessed it properly our dependence on oil would lessen and we would be getting a much cleaner world to live in.
@saw2207 (1363)
• United States
8 Jun 09
I recently saw an episode of Jon and Kate Plus Eight, where they put solar energy into their house. It was amazing stuff . . and the pro that came over to do the house was so informative and interesting that I actually want to watch this episode again. There was so much good information and I need to take it again to really understand it. Not only was the heating of the house going to run thru the solar panels but they no longer need a waterheater . .they put special pipes in that keep the water hot. . amazing stuff I tell you. If you get a chance to see it ,,,, I think the episode was The Goselins Go Green.