Is there anyone on mylot who is earning from adult sites also.

@rajfoe (354)
February 20, 2009 12:49am CST
Hi friends is there anybody who is earning from adult sites also. I've heard from my friends and the cybercafe people that people earn from adult sites also. Is that true. I know that there is a huge risk but i just wanted to know. After all money is the matter and people can do anything to earn am i right. What do you say? Itseems adult sites provide a lot of opportunity to earn. If thats so then please let me know also. Take care bye Happy mylotting
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@derek_a (10902)
20 Feb 09
I think it has to be up to individual choice, but personally I wouldn't like to try and earn anything with adult sites at all not just for the moral implications but because they are known to harbour viruses and spyware. I try not to judge or comdemn them,in fact as a therapist, I am not narrow-minded, but as I say, but it is a matter of choice, and it wouldn't be for me. Derek
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@kun2349 (23475)
• Singapore
20 Feb 09
NOpe, not for me.. Though it's good money and i guess one gets to earn from uploading of videos to those sites.. ON top of that, it depends on the number of views one gets from the videos before they get paid for it.. But as far as i know, both paypal and alertpay does not allow payments from those sites and so, i dun really know how do they receive their payments.. haha
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@chriswolf (360)
• China
24 Feb 09
Easy come easy go. Adult sites are not that good.