Travelling with plain or train or by bus?

February 20, 2009 10:32am CST
If i want to go a long journey then i want to travel by plain or by train. But if the distance is short then i want to travel by bus. Actually if i travel a long distance by train then it may cause a headache and vomiting for me. So i usually avoid traveling by bus
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@maximax8 (28547)
• United Kingdom
20 Feb 09
Train is my favorite way to travel and if a journey cost $50 by train and $20 by bus I would go by train. I look out of the train window in the day time and sit in a comfortable seat. In the night time I sleep in a compartment. I can look out of the window of a bus but the leg room is often cramped. I find it uncomfortable to sit in a bus seat all night. Even if I have to sit in a train seat all night there is more leg room and comfort. I can happily travel by train for anytime, a day, a day and a night and even week. I have traveled by bus all day and that was enough. I have been on a few uncomfortable buses on an all night journeys. I don't like to travel by ferry when the waves are rough because they can make me sea sick. I travel by plane and like to stop off if the flight duration is longer than 14 hours. Plane is a way for me to get far away quickly. I use planes for long distance journeys generally.
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@Porcospino (18583)
• Denmark
23 Feb 09
I prefer traveling by bus or by train. I don't mind traveling by plane, but when I travel by train or by bus I get to see more of the surroundings, and seeing the different areas of the country is part of the experience. Traveling by bus is often the cheapest option, and when I am able to buy a cheap ticket I can afford a longer trip. I once went bus from Poland to Denmark, I don't remeber the price of the ticket, but is was really cheap compared to a plane ticket. When I want to travel from one part of Denmark to another I sometimes go by bus and sometimes I go by train. If I have to travel a long distance I always go by train, otherwise I would have to change busses very often.
@vicky30 (4777)
• India
21 Feb 09
If i have to travel a long distance i will travel by train.I will also travel by plane if i have money.If i need to travel short distances i will use the bus or taxi.The views in a train are very good as we can see mountains and very calm areas along the way.we can also see different people.