The power of prayers

February 21, 2009 10:32am CST
Just a week ago, our home was almost burned to ashes. Forty-four households were caught in fire. My mom called me that there was a fire in our place. I was in school doing some student-leader work. After the phone call, I paused and prayed. I really did not know what to do and how to react. But I prayed. And I am very grateful I did. Most of the houses in front of our house were burned. And it takes six to ten steps(human steps) to reach our home. It was really a miracle that it was just in time for the firemen to come and rescue the neighborhood. If they missed a minute, I won't be able to see our house again. God is so faithful to His people. He answers prayers even how impossible we think these are. Nothing is impossible to him, really. I can prove that myself. Praise you, Lord.
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18 Apr 09
First of all, I'm glad that your house and your family are okay. ^^ Yeah, I believe in the power of prayer. There was a time when our dog got sick and it's already too late when we found out that he's actually sick. My parents rushed him to the vet while I stayed at home. I prayed the rosary, asking God to spare the life of our dog since he's very close to our family. The next day, my mom told me that the doctors were surprised that our dog was still alive because dogs usually die in the kind of state he was having during that time and good thing that they rushed him right away or else he will really die. I was really thankful to God that he extended the life our dog. Another is when I asked God to pass my class in fourth year high. Some of my classmates are already failing, I even had a classmate with 2 or 3 consecutive failing grades and some with 1 or 2 failures. I was scared during that time since my Math is only at the passing grade for three consecutive grading period. If it goes down by points then there might be a possibility that I won't be able to march on the graduation day and take summer class instead. I also don't want to disappoint my parents. So, I prayed to God to pass me and my classmates. And then poof! All of the students in my class graduated and marched on stage three weeks ago. :)
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19 Apr 09
WOW! Prayers are really powerful. As long as we mean it and trust God that it will be answered. Praise God! He listens and answers our pleads.
@larish (2195)
• Philippines
16 Apr 09
Praise you lord. Thank you for sharing a very inspiring miracle of prayers in your life. In situation like this, we can really just pray hard.
@checapricorn (16066)
• United States
23 Feb 09
[i]Hi lloyd, I agree with you. When we have a deep faith and when we pray hard and sincere, HE always there to answer! I hope the victims will be helped by the government and other rich people in the town. It is sad to know especially in moment like this![/i]