Do you like shopping at primark?

@jazz_123 (211)
February 21, 2009 1:16pm CST
4 responses
22 Feb 09
Yes I like primark...especially in the summer time when I want an entire outfit (dress, shoes, bag, sunglases, costume jewellery) for under £50 for the lot. In the summer time there are so many inexpensive bright and colourful clothes that I find primark an irresitible location when I need a summer outfit.
@mrsl2008 (635)
21 Feb 09
I don't like shopping in there however they have some great value clothes for kids. As we all know how quick they grow and how we all need to watch the pennies at the minute!!
@Jamton (118)
21 Feb 09
I must say, as much as people complain about Primark, I think ever since they stopped sub-contracting to sweatshops, the clothes have been much much better quality, and still low priced. For someone with no job, or with very low income, it is perfect for the basic, leggings, t-shirts etc. You can even get some very nice day dresses and so on. I would say however, that there are certain items I would not buy. These would be things such as jeans, dresses for nights out (They sometimes seem quite tacky) and underwear (They aren't very well made and can cause irritation) On that note, the bra's are often very nice. I would have to say that on Saturdays they shop is usually ridiculously busy, very hot and sweaty, and not very nice. It is definately most appealing on weekdays in the morning to early afternoon.
@kezabelle (2985)
21 Feb 09
I wouldnt say I enjoy it, it is usually really busy and not enough staff on and also really hot in there!!! However they do have some nice stuff thats well priced especially for my kids who outgrow their clothes so quickly!