So what are peoples thoughts on Coops death, and Phillip coming back?

@sissy15 (5769)
United States
February 21, 2009 8:55pm CST
I honestly always found Coop boring, but I still liked him, and hated to see him go. I was almost in tears watching the episode. I felt so bad for poor Buzz. I liked Coop, but he was by no means a favorite character of mine. That spot would be reserved for Bill (which I can oddly see some resemblence between Bill and Coop), but I found him very attractive. I also didn't like him with Beth, but at the same time I would have preferred to see him with Beth than dead. Why do they always have to kill characters? Why can't they just send them off? Especially killing him off like a year after Gus. That's a lot for people to take. Also what are people's thoughts about Phillip being back? I didn't really care for him before he left. I'm not sure why exactly, but I didn't like him. Althogh knowing that, I was kind of excited when I found out about him being back, and since he's been back, I kind of like him. It's odd, what is odder yet, is that I have always liked Edmund. I have no clue why. I just always have. I know he's evil, and I know right now he is acting like he may have changed, but I really doubt that it will last long. There is probably some motive, but I still like him none the less, and Phillip wasn't always bad, just confused,I think, and then went crazy, but still I didn't like him. What are other peoples thoughts?
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@happy6162 (3011)
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29 Jun 09
I did not like coop so i was not sad to see him go. i did feel bad for buzz. I also did not like to see him with beth i like him with liz. I liked phillip and was glad to see him come back. edmund was never boring i am sure he has some scheme up his sleeve.
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17 Mar 09
I was glad to see Coop go, but I wish they hadn't killed him. I think his character could have done something in the future. Doing the whole dramatic killed thing is just so overdone. But, they killed him, it was emotional, it was good. They actually handled it really well. However, this Buzz blaming Alan stuff has got to end. Doesn't it bother any of the writers that this is the ONE time that Alan didn't do it. What happened to Coop was an accident, sure you can say that Alan incited the accident, but it's a stretch. Buzz's going after revenge for this act is a little pathetic. I've always liked Phillip. I grew up with him. I found him good looking and fun. I'm enjoying his return. He brings some much needed spice back to the show. I also like the fact that he's not Mr. Goody-two-shoes. But, if he torments Dinah much more, I may go through the screen and slap him good. That's a different topic. :) His return is exciting. Next to Josh and Reva, Phillip and Beth are one of the show's constant couples. It's interesting how Beth and Reva parallel each other in the show. Both came from humble beginnings, both have married their "true" loves and their true love's fathers. Both have done outrageous things. It's eerie. As for Edmund, what's not to love? The guy is evil incarnate with the charm and class of Sean Connery. I'm over-stating, but he's got so much going for him. I wish they'd utilize him a bit more. He could inject some much needed conflict without the show tearing about the seemingly happy people ever ten seconds. All in all, I think the shift in the show is for the best. It's become much more watchable with the good episodes outnumbering the bad.