Its summer....its hot.....

@dong1970 (1573)
February 23, 2009 2:01am CST
It's Summer time,it's super hot and having my shower 4 times a day.I am thinking for an ice cold drink to relieve heat on my body.Mylotters how many times to you take a bath for a day.And are you thinking also for an ice cold drinks to relieve your body heat.
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@mobhomeir (7565)
• Philippines
23 Feb 09
Hello bro. For me twice a day would be enough. And I don't prefer ice cold drinks of water cause that would be one causes of tonsillitis. For me drink plenty of water but I would minimize sweets liquid cause it would just be the same after knocking few glasses the more you would be asking more water since it's sweet...Enjoy your summer Bro...
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@eichs1 (1934)
• Philippines
3 Mar 09
I take a bath in the morning and before going to bed. But when I do some dirty works such as gardening and cleaning the house, I might take a third bath. As for taking cold drinks, this will not relieve body heat. The cold drink actually makes your body temperature drop a little but since we are poikilothermic (it means our body doesn't adjust to outside temperature) the cooler body will make us feel/sense the heat from the surrounding more. Try coffee or tea during hot weather. They will spread heat in your body and after sweating for awhile, you will feel that the room is a bit cooler.
@acevivx (1566)
• Philippines
1 Mar 09
Hi dong! Just came from Korea where it is still freezing cold. When i left last week it was not so hot yet but when i came back after experiencing the cold climate in Korea, I realized that summer has come early for the Philippines. I was all bundled up in so many layers of clothes in Seoul and with boots to keep my foot warm and since it was so cold when I left fr the Philippines, i was still wearing a thick jacket and boots when I arrived home late Saturday evening and you can bet i was sweating like a stuck pig while retrieving my luggage since i was still dressed for cold weather. Even if i took off my jacket and despite the air conditioning in NAIA, you bet it was quite warm. And yes, an ice cold drink and a cold bath is very inviting.
@suzzy3 (8357)
24 Feb 09
Normally in England one bath or shower aday is enough you can get by with that.When it does get really hot which is not very often .I shower in morning ,maybe midday and always at night but that is not very often.If you run your wrist under running cold water that is supposed to help,I can tell you how to keep warm if you like!!!!!!!!!showing off with your hot weather I am only jealous stay cool.!!!!!!!!xxx
@underdogtoo (9599)
• Philippines
23 Feb 09
You're right, it's summer and hot. I like the sun because it's good for my plants. I am working on getting enough sprinklers going so that my plants will not die. Cold drinks are fine. Cheers!!!
@salonga (27955)
• Philippines
23 Feb 09
I am actually in a very cold place now as our office has a very cold air conditioning unit. However, as I go out of the office before reaching the bus terminal, that is when I experience the heat and could not wait till I reach the aircon bus. Yes, it is during hot day that I would think of drinking ice cold water. I am not very fond of beverages, just ice cold mineral water is good enough for me.
@CJay77 (4441)
• Australia
23 Feb 09
Hi dong! It is still cold here at the moment and I'm getting tired of it. I miss summer so much though. I'd take a shower few times a day during summer and sometimes just once specially when I feel tired. I also enjoy having a cold drinks and mostly cold water or eating ice cream.
@djoyce71 (2512)
• Philippines
23 Feb 09
I can feel the summer heat now dong. It's almost 34 degrees today. I try to drink lots of water and eat ponkan oranges as many as I can. I also make it a point to have guapples at home ( those big crispy guavas ). They're very good sources of vitamin C. I shower for four times the maximum these hot days. I can't stand the heat.