the leomonade it effective??

@irishe (85)
February 24, 2009 1:24am CST
have you heard this?? all you have to do is mix the lemon juice, water, and cayenne pepper.. after ive bought all of this,, its just then that ive read that you should not eat while doing the diet..I was shocked and didnt tried it.. I cant. i dont know if its effective..coz i didnt try it..
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@maezee (33461)
• United States
24 Feb 09
I've tried something called "The Master Cleanse Diet" - which sounds like the same thing, but you mix lemon juice, water, cayenne pepper, and organic maple syrup together to make some sort of "diet" lemonade concoction. Other "rules" from the diet were to make sure you also drink a "saline wash" (uniodized salt with water) and drink at least one cup of organic laxative tea per day. Honestly, I don't know if I should suggest this to you - these kinds of diets literally MAKE YOU SICK and use that as their "approach" to "losing weight" (while you're really only losing water weight/"waste" weight). You literally get sick for hours upon hours if you follow the diet to the book - and it's no good for your health. Not only do you become physically ill (because of the laxatives), but your body definitely goes into starvation mode after a few days of this, making it 10x more likely that you'll binge on real, solid foods. I believe it's only meant to last for about 10 days or so, but still - those will probably be the 10 longest & hardest days of your life. Any diet where you constrict calories is effective in losing at least a little bit of weight (although most is water weight), but this one seriously has VERY LITTLE (if none) health benefit and is super hard to follow. And what's more is that once you get off of the diet, if you do happen to lose weight while on it, you'll most likely gain it back from eating solids when you quit the diet. If you want to go ahead and try it, that's up to you, but as a forewarning - stay near a bathroom throughout the whole time you're on it. If you've already bought it these ingredients (lemon juice and cayenne pepper), you can surely just use them for around-the-house purposes and in other recipes - so don't feel bad about wasting money.