Is anyone else into Chopped?

@cripfemme (7715)
United States
February 25, 2009 1:31pm CST
It's this new show on Food Network. Four chefs are given mystery baskets of goods which must be used in first an appetizer, then an entree, then a desert. At the end of each round one chef is eliminated. The remaining chef wins ten thousand dollars. I like it. It's like Top Chef on steroids. Is anyone else watching this show?
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@coffeebreak (17820)
• United States
4 Dec 11
I've watched it but like so many of the reality shows, they have amped them up so much that they are so stressed in what they are doing and moving so fast and all that I just don't enjoy them anymore. Plus, they have been using really odd, unusual ingredients...things I would never think to use much less want to eat! I saw one recently where they had to use bone marrow as an ingredient...guess I'm not sure it was Chopped, but a very similar style of show. I mean, come on...who uses bone marrow in their dinners? Then they have so many ingredients that the dish has so many different flavors, I'd think it'd be rather gross to have so many flavors going on at one time. But I don't enjoy them anymore..Just far to much stress and activity and doing things that just don't even hardly have a place in cooking. I do enjoy Cupcake Wars and the Cake Challenge shows, but they are the same...TON of stuff to do in such little time that the bakers are just runnning insanely to get it all done and with 4 or so there to have to watch and keep track of what they are doing...I found myself exhausted by the end of the show in trying to keep up! And again.. on the cupcake war...they have to use the oddest ingredients and I way would I eat a cupcake with those ingredients in it! Pretty yes, but not very practically edible... I mean, Sage in a cupcake? Bacon? I take them in stride!
@babyangie27 (5177)
• United States
21 Mar 09
I just added this show in my interests under shows I watch. I love it. I the new one this week where pretty mcuh everyone of the chefs didn't do so good in at least one or two of the rounds.
@stacyv81 (5904)
• United States
25 Feb 09
I watched it last night for the first time! I love it!! The best reality show ever! why? because you dont HAVE to tune in every week and see the same old people for 3 months! lol! Its likee one show and its done! It was really cool, though me and guy thought is was a good show last night! I really thought that one guy was gonna win! Especially since he had his own cookie company! And the other one pulled through at the last minute!