Air band radio

Omagh, Northern Ireland
February 25, 2009 2:21pm CST
I flew into London this morning with one of the Irish budget carriers on on a short visit,and took along my airband radio as I've done almost every time I've passed thru an airport needing something to do with some time on my least,that was plan A...I got to the luggage scanner with my stuff sorted for liquids,shoes,coat,belt,electronics and for the first time I've ever flown was told I couldn't take it(the radio) in my carry-on hand luggage! This IS the first time I've flown only with a carry on bag-every other time I've had a bag in the hold too..There has never been an issue with one of this type of radio-I was in the US for thanksgiving in November and had no issues with Security over there..-I've never used one on an aircraft-only in the terminal building-I offered to disable it by removing the aerial and batteries-no go-"It's not going in the carry on,that's all" was the response..they suggested I go out to the desk and pay checkin fees and luggage charges to have it carried in the hold!(Like that was going to happen..) It was a small airport-my car was close by the terminal just outside-I got my stuff back,got out of the security line,and went out to the car to leave it was that or have them confiscate it! Has anyone had any electronic item disallowed from flying? how did you deal with it? Thanks for Sharing!
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