waht doyou think about corporal punishment?

February 27, 2009 9:13am CST
Corporal punishment used to be a means of dealing with difficulte students by many teachers in the secondery school.But the result is always diastrous!since it does harm to education,should we make it illegal?why or why not?waht should we do to handle this kind of problem?
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@rosdimy (3936)
• Malaysia
28 Feb 09
If used properly corporal punishment can solve many problems in the schools. As a former teacher what I had seen was the inappropriate use of corporal punishment. This was the main reason why its use created ill feelings and resentment in the students. To clarify this statement I shall give several examples. My friend was a non-smoker. Somebody smoked in the washroom before he entered it. Not long after, maybe on a tip off, a teacher entered the washroom and accused him of smoking. His denials were not accepted, nor was he thoroughly investigated. Later he was caned on stage. Out of anger he began the habit of smoking. Many of the students in one school were unruly. The main reason was they hated the disciplinary teacher. He never punished the girls. The girls took advantage over his weakness. They would create a ruckus in the classroom or start a fight with the boys. When this teacher turned up, they pointed their fingers at the boys. Without asking any question this teacher went around the classroom slashing with a cane at every male student. The headmaster supported him. My junior was naughty, He did something bad and was caned on stage. He did not harbour any grudge because he admitted he was guilty. The next year I accepted hin as my student in martial arts. The change in his attitude and behaviour astounded the lecturers. There are many other examples but I think the above are enough. all the best, rosdimy