A difficult decision

@Naylani (111)
United States
February 27, 2009 3:22pm CST
I am 35. At 34 I discovered that I was pregnant. After the initial shock, I was very excited after being told in my early twenties that it would be unlikely that i would get pregnant or carry a baby to term. Now 5 months later and with the exception of some fatigue, my Dr. says everything is going well. However because of my age, I was offered an amniocenteses and after much thought, I opted not to have the procedure, because of the risk of miscarriage. I am still concerned, but I feel I made a good decision. What do you all think?
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• Singapore
27 Oct 09
I can understand your feeling at that moment. I hope everything will be find for you at this moment. In fact, besides amnio test, there is other test (triple blood test) and detail scan of the baby at differenet stage of development that are non-invasive and provide information about baby's development in the womb. Most importantly, when you feel peace and at ease, that is the best for your decision. Sylvia Mak http://wiseparents.net http://twitter.com/pregnantcoach
• Romania
29 Sep 09
Good luck with your pregnancy! You made a good decision
@violeta_va (4834)
• Australia
27 Feb 09
Congratulations and I hope all goes well for you and the little one. I am expecting my second child in about 7 weeks (hope it knows its maths and comes out on time or a bit early). I too never expected this baby as we tried for 5 years to have a baby but my miracle is almost here. Tests are there to help us but we dont have to have them. Yes it could tell us something but somethimes the risk involved its not worth it. With my son I had a blood test to screen for down syndrome (they took blood out of my arm) with this one I didnt have it. I dont know if you made the right choice that is something only you can say. I dont think I could have done it my self I think the only way I would have done it its if I was told after the blood test and the ultra sound that there was something wrong other then that I dont think I would have done it.
@mansha (6301)
• India
27 Feb 09
I had y girl when I was 34 too but then I also had a grown up son. Unless its really necessary and you have any hereditery problems or really felt ill the whole time baby will turn out fine. My doctor had told me that nowdays many ladies give birth at a late age. Just hope for the best. eat well and take proper rest. Do not strain yourself, I feel you will just do fine. Best of Luck.
• United States
27 Feb 09
I think that when it comes to stuff like that you have to pray and follow your heart. No matter if your child is always healthy or heaven forbid become sick, you will still love him/her, so do what you think is best.