Should one take up a job after retirement or be a freelancer in any field?

February 28, 2009 8:58am CST
With more and more people being laid off and unemployment on the rise, there are a large number of families who are finding it difficult to make both ends meed. A person who has worked for 30 or 40 years and has had a steady job and income and is now retiring after coming to the retirement age, has lived a full life. his children should in all probability be grown and settled if he has planned his family well. he should be owning a house if he has been wise. he should have saved money and invested in instruments which give him a steady income after retirement and he would be getting a pension from the organization he worked for. main expenditure in old age is the medical bill.For this he should take a mediclaim insurance policy to take care of medical needs. With all this, if he takes up a job, would he not be depriving a needy family of a much needed job? I think one should relax and take it easy after retirement. Yes one can take up odd jobs as a free lancer to get some extra income. something like myLot or some such things on the internet. Write about your experiences of life and take up coaching of younger people. I am retiring in November this year and this is exactly what i am planning to do. Why work my backside off? Let the younger generations take on the responsibilities. What do you feel?
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@rsa101 (15496)
• Quezon City, Philippines
6 Mar 09
If you can physically do it why not. I would also take up part time to add to my retirement earnings. I think that is what everybody does when the retiree feels that he can still be productive why waste those times at home and doing nothing. Life should not stop at retirement.
@tudors (1556)
• China
28 Feb 09
You are right to enjoy a leisure retirement. But for some people, continue to work for spending time constructively is also a good choice. My father has retired and he takes a part time job. For one thing, he gets paid, for another, he finds his time full because he only works half day each day. Through working, he is not isolated from his surroundings. My father is enjoying his time.
• United States
28 Feb 09
I am no where near retirement age, but I say that if you are at the age to retire and you would rather work then do it. I do not think that you would be taking a job from anyone because as an experianced employee you would have to be paid more, chances are the younger person would be hired for the mere fact that they are cheaper to pay. That is not moraly right but from my experiance there are not many businesses that have morals anyway. If you need money then you should work no matter your age (as long as you are able). If you don;t need the money then volunteer. Retirement with nothing to do means that you will become bored and die sooner, why do that when you can enjoy life by interacting with people.