What NCIS scene stand out the most in your mind, be it funny or touching

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February 28, 2009 9:58pm CST
For those of you who are not in the sixth season of NCIS and do not want to read any "Spoiler" type material, you need to shy away from this discussion now. For those of us who have been lucky enough to see part of season 6, this question is for you. Week before last, the episode "Bounce" aired. I was totally excited about this episode since I am a great fan of Michael Weatherly, aka Tony. You could tell by the ads that this was going to be a Tony-centric episode and that it was going to be funny - which it definitely was. However, it also had one of the most touching and memorable scenes for me. I have watched poor Tony struggle for years to get Gibbs' approval. And even though we fans know that he already has that approval and that Gibbs is not only proud of him, but thinks of Tony as a son or as a younger version of himself, Tony has never seemed to know it. For all of Tony's bravado and outward appearances of being confident, he is like a little boy begging for his father's (Gibbs) approval. I have waited for Gibbs to finally just let go and open up with Tony for many years. This was especially true when he returned in season 4 after quitting. Even though Jenny told Gibbs he should tell Tony he was proud of him, Gibbs did not do that. I was really disappointed but the writers made up for that disappointment in this episode some 2 years later. As much as I have loved many, many scenes during NCIS's run, the scene in "Bounce" when Tony is losing it because he feels that, not only did he send an innocent man to prison, but that he has gotten him killed has to be my favorite. Gibbs calls Tony over for a "campfire". Gibbs is trying to make Tony feel better and Tony says, "Save the pep talk. We both know I screwed up. Gibbs: Yeah, three years ago. And now you're making it right.....and me proud. You've been doing a hell of a job, Anthony...until about 3 minutes ago. Get your head on straight." When Tony asks him how Gibbs tells him to trust his gut. Tony says he would rather trust Gibbs and Gibbs gets in his face and demands his cell phone back. They stare at each other for a few minutes as Abby comes up and watches and then Tony smiles and asks Abby what she has for him. The acting in this scene was awesome. The way Mark Harmon delivered his lines when he told Tony how proud he was of him showed how hard it is for Gibbs to verbalize how much he cares for his team, even though we fans know that he does. Michael Weatherly, not to be outdone, did a wonderful job of showing his surprise and pleasure. Then when Gibbs challenges Tony to finish the job, Tony stares at him for a while and then smiles, understanding what Gibbs is doing. The way these two characters can verbalize so much with so little words and only looks is one of the major reasons I love this show so much. Now that I have described my favorite scene, I would like to hear what your favorites and most memorable scenes were. Were they the funny moments, sad moments or just touching moments? Let me know.
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16 Nov 10
My fave Tony episode were the ones with Jeanne and La Grenuille. I really thought that he really felt in love with her (Jeanne) and he cares for her genuinely as a man and not as an undercover agent. When the situation finally comes to light and as much as he like to say the truth about his true identity, he cannot do it since he could lose his} job, feel the wrath of Gibbs and company and have Jeanne leave him because he deceived her. In that situation, he is really trapped and unable to do anything that can solve all the conflicting elements flying around his way. Although it somehow ended, it ended badly and scarred him in the next episodes after that. It only shows that he is still too hard at
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2 Sep 09
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