Straving childrens and Bloated stomach

March 1, 2009 5:23am CST
How often have we seen pictures of young children,near death from starvation,with emaciated faces and bloated stomach why do these children,desperately is need of food have such protruding abdomens Bloated abdomens are symptom of protein calorie malnutrition consumption PCM.Many of these children are starving from a generally inadequate kilojoule consunption and concomitant insufficient protein.But others are suffering from "kwashiorkor", a condition in which children who consume a proper amount of kilojoules are not eating enough protein.Kwashiorkor is most common among many of the rice-based cultures in developing counttries,where traditional sources of protein (meat,fish,legumes)are uncommon or too costly for the average citizen. Insufficient p[protein consumption can lead to severe problems-it produces the lack of energy reflected in the passive,affectless expression of these PCM to the pancreas,liver,blood vessels and lymphatic system. A healthy persons blood vessels leak a little fluid which collects outside of the vessels.Ordinarily,the lymphatic vessels remove this liquid.But when the lymphatic system malfunctions,as it does in PCM children,the fluid builds up in the skin,causing a condition known as edema. In these children,a particular type of fluid accumulation,ascites,accounts for much of the bloated stomach.A little fluid in the abdominal cavity is a desirable condition because the fluid helps in cushion organs, .Ascites in isolation may not be dangerous,but they are often a symptom of liver damage.Membrane often weaken during protein calorie malnutrition,which only adds to the leakage of body fluids in to the abdominal cavity. Dysfunctional livers often swell.The liver is one of the largest organs in the body and is usually two to three percent of ones entire weight.An enlarged liver can contribute to a swollen belly. Not only small childrens are subject to this condition.Bloated stomachs are common in any individuals suffering malnutrition,and are most often seen in the western countries amoung sick people who have experienced sudden weight loss.
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@faith210 (11233)
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4 Mar 09
Hi sreejithsreenivas! This is one of the sad and harsh realities of life. I do not understand why in this age and time, that there are still people who are suffering from hunger, malnutrition and other food related diseases. I know that there are a lot of poor countries worldwide and that is including my own country and I could only see one reason behind this all--GREED and CORRUPTION! I know that there are a lot of people who are doing their best to eradicate poverty and hunger and so many people also have been trying to educate people in the importance of having a balance food in his/her diet. But still we can see more and more people suffering malnutrition and hunger. This is really sad and frustrating. Take care and blessings!