My Christmas Cactus is blooming in March

United States
@reinydawn (11652)
March 3, 2009 11:26am CST
Christmas Cactus - Blooming in March
A few years ago my husband got me a Christmas Cactus that stays on the ledge in my office. Every year, I notice the buds start showing up shortly after Thanksgiving and by Christmas it's full of flowers. Then the rest of the year it just looks like a regular plant with no flowers on it. Last week I noticed that a couple buds were showing up - this was the end of February. Yesterday we had a pretty big snow-storm, a bit out of season for us, and I noticed I have a couple flowers on my plant. I guess it thinks it's Christmas-time since it's snowing out! I don't know how the plant knows when it's supposed to bloom, but this strange weather has got it all confused!