Men are starting to act like women

March 4, 2009 9:56am CST
I have noticed that these days men are more and more acting like a women in a relationship. Let me explain: I noticed that if a man is dating a woman and if she gets upset about something he did or said.... the guy will....stop talking to her for a while or...get upset because she mentioned it...even if she did it nicely. He just wants her to shut up and deal with the bul/s on her own. Another thing i notice that guy wants to take his girlfriend out and will ask her...when you are taking me out or you buying me lunch? It is strange. It is like they are the prize and girls are lucky to have them. Is it me? or are guys started to act like b/tches in relationships these days.
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@delkar (1716)
• Romania
4 Mar 09
well, i think that there are men and men...some of them act just like girls, as you said,before, but some are still a man. I must say, that i`m tired of materialist girls. I understand some boys that want to be just like the girls that they were always out, and now they try to take as much as they can...back.
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@snowy22315 (56002)
• United States
4 Mar 09
I think some men like to be taken care of in a relationship like some women do. I think it is just there nature. Sometimes men and women do exchange roles and then it is kind of strange. I guess that the roles are sometimes reversed. It is sort of uncomfortable for most people when the roles are reversed that way.
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@kquiming (2999)
• Philippines
4 Mar 09
HAHA! I admit, I've seen men who are jerks and act like byatches... that just proves he's just no so into her. this guy's probably just looking for someone to have around for fun.
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@suzzy3 (8357)
5 Mar 09
I think men have a hard time these days ,thanks to womens libers.They now think all women want to pay their way or they will get upset.I think it is because girls are acting more like men in the old days men would get drunk,now girls can be seen every friday and saturday night falling over in a drunken stooper.Men used to fight and argue in the street now girls are doing the same thing,then they expect men to take them out and treat them like ladies.It is very confusing for men these days,women earn as much or more than they do.Not so long ago a man asked you out and you knew what to expect a nice meal or whatever,now the girls are loud,sometimes abusive after a few drinks so what is a man to do.They think it is what women want and some women do,it is up to them to sort the loud out from the ladies who appreciate being treated properly.