Have you ever been in Lebanon?

March 4, 2009 11:03pm CST
Lebanon is a country in the dreaded Middle East, bordering Israel. However, it has a unique distinction of being the most pluralistic countries. You will find Muslims, Christians, Jews among others here and surprisingly living with peace. Only exception is the southern Lebanon which is a stronghold of Hezbollah, a terrorist organisation. However, in the nothern part, there is no problem whatsoever. So if you have travelled through this country then share the experience.
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@murderistic (2280)
• United States
13 Apr 09
First of all, I don't think it is fair to label the middle east as "dreaded". I have not yet been to Lebanon, but as someone of Lebanese ethnicity I surely hope to go someday, maybe even to work there. Ana lubnoni!
@shay3434 (882)
• Israel
21 Mar 09
Hello nuridch. I live in Israel which is very very close to Lebanon but I haven't been there never. As you probably know, Israel and Lebanon are not in good relation ships and it is not safe for Israeli people to go there. Hizbollah is threating evry Israel who wants to come there and there is a threat that Hizbollah will try to kidnapp Israelis who want to travel there. Israelis can't go to Lebanon because of the war between the countries and I think it a pitty. Maybe some day the peace will come, and citizens from both sides will come visit in Israel and Lebanon. But for now, this day seems to be very far. Have a good day.
@Archie0 (4669)
5 Mar 09
No i hvaent been there. well one of my friend who was inbrazil recently got married and is setteled in lebanon. she says that lifestyle there for women is very strict, they cannot show their faces always in rida and always hidden and all. she is from brzil and had been to free there i wonder how she must be surviving there
@yAks89 (589)
• Philippines
5 Mar 09
Not yet though.