what do you think about the job i almost have?

March 5, 2009 7:41am CST
hmm i've been praying and looking for a job since october of 2008. but i haven't been blessed until last friday, i went to this company, hoping they have an opening. then i was interviewed and asked if its ok for me to go to the main office where the other partners are because they want to interview me. so they did. and asked if its ok if i will be working in a place that is 2 and a half-hour travel time, 6-day work, in a salary that is below minimum (very low) and with lots of overtime that wouldn't be paid. but i need a job. so come monday, i tried it for a day. by the way i also need a work pass because im a foreigner in the country where i am looking for a job. the owner told me that i'll be the one to process the application my work pass where it should have been them. so the next day, since i still don't have signed any contract, yet and because of the travel time. i told them that i am declining their offer. even though i really need a job. anyway, now i don't know if i should regret that i did not grab it or i should be positive that God will provide me the job that's really for me.
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@WC1989 (595)
• United States
6 Mar 09
I think you did the right thing. Such a low-paying job, with many hours and unpaid overtime, could just have ended up tiring you out. Just keep looking. If worse comes to worse you could always apply at a fast-food store. It may not be an ideal job but they usually pay minimum wage (and overtime) so at least there's that.
• Singapore
6 Mar 09