It is a crazy world out there...

United States
March 5, 2009 5:42pm CST
The other day I posted about how overwhelming everything on here can be the internet that is. I also promised myself, after several months of being very sick, I would catch up. So instead of hunting though all of my emails, I decided to pop on google and check to see how many hits I had. Wow, talk about surprise. Well according to google I have over 11,000 hits and I am not even a well known writer yet. I have learned a great deal since being on my lot and what goes into actually working on the internet. It is not as easy as many think. I often will spend anywhere from 14 to 18 hours a day on the computer posting my work, submitting resumes, and writing new things. This does not include researching. Yes I sleep about 4 hours a day. I also have found out that I must keep up with my sites or well nothing happens. I just added a "real life" thing to my world with writers who are like me and have meetings and everything. Yes please exaggerate and chuckle there. I am trying to get my humor back because if I don't heads are going to role. I am not sure if I am ranting but explaining it is a crazy world on the inet and one must keep on top of it to keep in control. Ainge Thanks in advance for any responses.
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@DavidReedy (2411)
• United States
29 Aug 09
What all do you do online? Do you still have a 9 to 5'er?
@Adoniah (7515)
• United States
7 Mar 09
Reality check time! Scary Huh? I turned my email off while I was sick because I knew I would never get to all of them when I came back. Now I just respond to my friends started list. Its the best I can do. Shalom~Adoniah
@p1kef1sh (45640)
7 Mar 09
I loathe not being up to date with my e mails Ainge. I would rather close my account than not visit it. I am impressed by the number of hits that you got. I was one of them, at least I hit one of your sites! Keep going - I want to be able to ay that I had the pleasure and privilege of knowing you as you developed your career.